5 Major Reasons Why Shopping Small is Important!

5 Major Reasons Why Shopping Small is Important!

1. Smaller Businesses Offer Better Customer Support
When you have a question or have an issue with an order it's nicer to reach out to someone who actually cares about your success than being put on a calling wait list just to be brushed off. 









    2. Small Businesses Have a Sense of Community
    You are more likely to know or run into a small business owner in your neighborhood than a big wig business owner. Check out your local shops whenever you have a chance!
      3. You Can Help Your Community Thrive
      Local small business owners will be putting their money back into YOUR Community! 










        4. You are Left with a Better Feeling
        • Buying things off a well known big company leaves you feeling like you shouldn't have. Smaller business are more open to what they stand for and who they stand behind, what do you really know about the bigger companies? 
        5. Small Business Owners take more Pride in What They Offer
        • Have you ever gotten a tube of toothpaste that didn't work? Or a pair of pants that broke at the seam? Big companies are quick to make a mistake in their factories and even quicker to cover it up! Smaller businesses will go out of their way to make sure EVERY customer's time is valued because that's who we stand behind. 



         These reasons and many more are why it's important to shop small. Choose to Shop Local or Shop Small, you never know the difference you're making in someone else's life! 

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