High Quality & Unique Hair Shears

We help hairdressers perfect their skills by providing them unique and quality professional hair shears.

About Our Hair Scissors

Unbeatable Price Performance

Each Alpeka Salon Scissors
are hand-forged and inspected for the high quality our customers have come to expect. Our hair scissors are forged with 440c Stainless Steel with a HRC rating between 59 and 62. Paired with an affordable price tag, it will be difficult to find a better hair scissors that
outperforms our high quality hair shears.

Perfect Cut® Ready

All Alpeka hair scissors are prepped and tested before arrival to your doorstep. We ensure the blades are hand sharpened for pristine sharpness, the tension screw is keyed in to perfection and every hair shear is cleaned and ready for arrival. The days are over when the only affordable hair scissors arrive dull and not ready for use. Alpeka hair shears is the new standard for all hair shears.

Unparalleled Support

We offer a variety of ways to contact us for help or concerns! Every hair scissors should have support through the entire life of the hair scissors and that is exactly what we offer! At Alpeka, we are always here for you for the lifespan of your hair
shears. Contact us for whatever reason you may have, whether you have new product ideas or your hair scissors is no longer performing as it should. Let us know how we can help!