Split Ends

The Truth About Split Ends

What Causes Split Ends?

Split ends happen when the hair shafts weaken, which means your hair is becoming dry and brittle. Extreme weather can cause your hair to dry out, or using heat such as a hair dryer or a hair straightener. Did you know that some hair ties can cause split ends? Rubber bands in particular are really good at damaging your hair. Sometimes friction caused by some hats or headbands can cause your hair to become brittle leading to split ends.


How Can You Save Your Hair From Split Ends?

Split ends won't stop your hair from growing but it can cause your hair to grow a lot slower. Unfortunately you can't simply fix or repair your split ends. The only way to make your hair healthy and less brittle is to cut off your split ends when you notice them. 


How Can You Prevent Split Ends?

Prevention is KEY to keep your hair safe and healthy! You can prevent split ends by not taking super hot showers and rinsing your hair in cold water. Everyone loves a hot shower but try keeping the heat out of the hair. Having a big event coming up? Feel free to use your hair tools, but try limiting heat based hair tools to keep from getting split ends. There are many options for heatless curls out there you should definitely check out today! If you haven't tried it yet you should try using castor oil in your hair not only does it help prevent split ends but it can actually help your hair grow! 


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