Alpeka's story

Nick and Sarah Eilers started Alpeka because after years are searching we couldn't find any shears that would work for us without being too expensive! Why should cutting hair cost so much? Every stylist needs a good pair of thinning and cutting shears to really showcase their skills and hard work! Many new hair cutters don't have enough money to afford "quality scissors" so they settle for cheap useless shears!

That's why Alepka is offering high quality, professional shears that are affordable for even the newest stylist! We researched what hair stylists' needs are and put together the most qualified shears! 

We want to continue providing the best customer service in the shears industry as well as continuing to provide only the most outstanding scissors. As we expand our collections we truely appreciate all the support we have been getting from stylist like you!

Thank you!

Our Shears

The Shears we designed are sleek, build solid with Stainless Steel 440c, and are razor-sharp. They fit comfortably in your hand, are not overbearing in weight, and are easy to maneuver with allowing delicate cuts. When cutting they will not pull hair, they cut swiftly through a half-inch think slice of damp hair and are whisper quite.

Not only will you be receiving a quality product, you get the Alpeka customer service. A customer service where we are out to make sure you are happy. Whether you received a scissors that doesn't meet your need or you are looking for a new subscription to always have that perfectly sharp scissor handy - we will be there for you!