Quality Alpeka Shears

The New Standard for Salon Shears

At Alpeka we strive to provide our stylists the perfect experience with their Shears.  To have a completely satisfied stylist, we aim to provide  three points of top notch quality to an amazing experience.

1. Materials & Forging

We understand that at the core of the Shear Experience, the materials sourced and the forging process plays an incredibly important role.  This is why all shears that are purchased from Alpeka are guaranteed to be forged with 440c Stainless Steel.

-What does this Mean?  What is 440c Stainless Steel and why is it so important?

  • 440c Stainless steel has the highest carbon content of the 400 stainless steel series.  The reason we use the 400 stainless steel series because it is a good balance between hardness and softness - which is determined by the carbon content of the steel.  440c Stainless steel (being the highest carbon content in 400 series but less than other steel series) has the ability to hold a sharp blade longer than lesser steels but is soft enough where it can be sharpened and will not chip, ruining the blade.

    Another important aspect of forging our Alpeka Shears is the Quench Hardening process.  We forge all of our shears to be around 59-62 HRC.

    - Why is quench hardening so important?

    • Quench Hardening is the process of raising the temperature of steel above its recrystallization temperature and rapidly cooling it through the quenching process.  This changes the structure of the steel.  Quench hardening is particularly important when working with steel because steel is very sensitive to quenching.  If the stainless steel HRC rating is too high (caused during the quenching process), it can make the stainless steel very brittle and chip when sharpened.  If HRC is too low, the shear will have a softer blade which will need sharpening more often.  We have carefully dialed into the perfect HRC rating for all of our shears.

      Essentially, we found a premium, well rounded stylist shears shares the characteristics of being forged with 440c Stainless Steel, Quench hardened to a rating of 59-62 HRC.

      2.  Customer Care

      To have an overall enjoyable experience with a company, customer care is essential.  Providing top notch customer care has become ever-increasingly important over the last couple of years.  A product is more than an item, a product is the complete experience from when you visit a website to when the item is finally retired.  We aim to provide top customer care to all our customers.  Always happy to assist with whatever is needed.  We respond promptly to emails with a solution on hand.  For even quicker responses, we will be integrating a chat function on our "Contact Us" page.  We are always ready and happy to assist our customers.  Feel free to contact us whenever at CustomerCare@AlpekaShears.com

      3. Unbeatable Return Policy

      Finally, the final part of an exemplary product is the guarantee behind the item.  We promise that all of our products are made of quality 440c Stainless steel with an HRC rating between 59 and 62.  If for whatever reason our product is not what was expected, we have a money back guarantee.  Within the first 30 days of using your shears, if you are not satisfied - for whatever the reason may be - we will replace your purchase or provide you a full refund (depending on what you would like).  We also guarantee our product with a limited lifetime guarantee.  If your shears sees any wear outside of normal use, we will replace your shears for you at no cost!  We want our customers to feel confident when purchasing with us.  No hassle, no worries.