What's Your Face Shape?

What's Your Face Shape?

Knowing your face shape will help determine exactly what hair style will really make you pop! Read on to find out how to tell what shape your face is and what hairstyles will work best for you! 

Oval Shaped

The oval shaped face is typically longer and more narrow than other faces. It is by far the most versatile face shape it goes with almost any hairstyle! Consider yourself lucky is your face is oval. You can try as many different styles as you want from a cute short bob which pops your delicate bone structure to a longer beach wave look which will give you more of a tropical feel!


Round Face

If you have a rounder face shape your forehead, cheek bones and your jaw will all be equal width. Your jaw will typically more round verses being sharp, your hairline and jawline will be wider than other shapes. You face will have sharper lines which will help you age very well! Your best hair styles would be short hair try a short bob! Shorter hair with side bangs will give you a softer look. You could also try adding layers to your look you really just want to avoid straight lines. 


Heart Shaped

The heart shaped face has a natural V shape which gives you a natural thinning look. Typically starting with your hairline it's wider and as you get down to your chin it gradually gets more narrow. The best hair styles for the heart shape would be longer layered hair styles because it will pull more attention to your slim jawline and chin. Side swept bangs would help cover the wider forehead and make your look pop!


Diamond Face

If you have a diamond shaped face your cheeks and cheekbones will be wider than your hairline and jawline. Your forehead and chin are going to be the most narrow part of your face. Having a diamond shaped faces gives you more options, you could rock a shorter cut or look stunning with longer layered hair both will draw attention to your elegant features. The best bang style would be straight bangs as they will make your face appear shorter.
Oblong Shaped

Oblong shaped faces are longer and very narrow, it's similar to the diamond and oval shaped faces. If you tried long hair it would only make your face look longer. You should really stick with shorter hair or at least short layers. Try out some some cute curls or just add more volume to your hair to make your face look less narrow.  

 Pear Face

The pear shaped face is also known as the triangle shape. Your forehead and hairline will be more narrow than your chin and jawline. Longer hair would look the best with the pear shape. If you tried shorter hair just add more volume to the top of your hair, it will give you a more even look!


No matter what shape your face is, every shape is beautiful! These are just tips if you ever wanted to try something or if you are ever giving suggestions to your friends! Good luck when trying out some new styles and lengths!

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