Simple Elegant Hair Style!

Simple Elegant Hair Style!

When you have something important coming up the last thing you want to worry about is how to do your hair. If you are in a pinch or just looking for something new here is a step by step on how to do this hair do. 


Step 1. 

  • Start by making sure your hair is cleaned and detangled. This style would be easiest with straighten hair but would really nice with curly hair as well! 

Step 2.

  • Using a fine comb divide your hair into 2 equal sections. It could make it easier by clipping the other half up to keep it out of your way!

Step 3. 

  • For step 3 you are going to want to braid both sections tying them at the bottoms when you are done.


Step 4.

  • Starting at the top of each braid carefully loosen each braid. Loosen until you are happy with the puffiness!

Step 5.

  • The last part you are going to want to pin the 2 braids on the back of your head. You can pin them by putting 1 braid along the bottom of your hair line (pining as you go) and tucking in the tail you couldn't braid. Next take the 2nd braid and place it over the top of the 1st braid. Remember to pin sections of the braids to secure it. 


There you have it! A simple updo that is sure to impress all the other guests. By doing your hair yourself it saves you time and money rather than getting someone else to do it for you.

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